Monday, February 21, 2011

A Familiar Road

I have traveled the same road almost every day the last 23 months.  People might not understand the need to drive up the hill the same way everyday... Pass the same houses... take the same route and cross the same railroad tracks. Its quite a lovely drive.  As you get on the outskirt of town there are pretty pastures and horses and yes... even cows. Sometimes if its the morning I have to slow down for the chickens as they cross the dusty road.  Just as your about to take a bend in the road near the Ammon hill I always take a quick right.  Its there at the Ammon cemetery I visit my daughter April...  Most of the time I get out and polish the beautiful marble stone that stands so proudly as if its guarding her.  Sometimes I stay a while, sometimes I just slowly drive by.  Its a beautiful place to bring a lawn chair and read or just think.  The sunset around 9 at night is breathtaking.  Its a familiar Road.  You might not believe this, but... Sometimes a familiar road can feel very unfamiliar.  I mean how do you ever get used to losing a child?

This is a big step for me

So I thought long and hard about starting a blog... WHO on earth would want to read about my thoughts and adventures and yes, even heart-ache?  Then I thought... Well maybe it could be a great way to clear my own head each night. Share at least with myself my adventures of the day.  For sure some of my posts would be light and maybe funny.  Some might be really serious maybe even sad... So I hope you might not judge me for my honesty. You might not believe this, but...  I'm a thinker and I analyze everything. SO... Here goes!